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Duct Efficiency

We will perform a diagnostic test on the air conditioning and heating unit, which will let us know if the unit is running at an efficient rate. We do this with equipment which depressurizes the duct system to let us know the amount of leakage there is. Once the amount of leakage is determined, our duct efficiency measures consist of:

Sealing air leaks in the ducts:

a.) Caulking vents in each room making sure the boots are secure to the sheet rock and preventing air loss to the attic.

b.) Repairing ducts that may be disconnected or have holes.

Sealing air leaks in the ducts:

a.) Making sure the return is not drawing in air from unconditioned spaces which causes the unit to work harder.

Sealing air leaks on the air conditioning and heating unit:

a.) Sealing areas where air is escaping from the unit.

b.) Sealing the plenum to prevent air loss.